Vaunt Media Group is a marketing and media production company that combines the power of new technology with intuitive marketing solutions to solve your business’ biggest problems. By staying focused on your needs and goals, we approach each project with a customized strategy and fresh vision to reach high-value demographics.

Our expertise lies in engaging and converting audiences to loyal customers by weaving your business’ core message into the right content for you. Whether it’s online, in person with print material, and on the newest frontier of virtual reality.

Vaunt Media Group was created to be an alternative to the one-size-fits-all marketing services all too many business owners get caught in. The unique story of your business deserves an equally inventive marketing plan. As a collection of expert marketers, designers, writers, and all-out innovators, we get to the core of what makes your business great and get it known.

This is where we get our name from:

verb \ˈvȯnt, ˈvänt\

to speak vaingloriously of; boast of:

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Our team approaches each project from a both a design and a marketing perspective and offer custom pricing based on your specific needs and project goals.

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